11 Must-have Containers for any Indian Kitchen

In a ‘permanent’ functional kitchen, kitchen containers are one of the most important things because in a kitchen where cooking happens every day, handling packets of ingredients and preserving them carefully can be very inconvenient.

If you are a beginner, you will be surprised to see how many kinds of containers are out there based on their shapes, sizes, and utility purposes. Some of those containers are absolute essentials while some others just add the extra flair to your kitchen. 

So here are the 11 absolutely must-have containers for any Indian kitchen to make your life easier. 

1. Coconut Stainless Steel Jumbo Matt

Doesn’t matter if you cook regularly in your kitchen or not, every kitchen has that one thing that is brewed in it very frequently; hot beverages, especially tea and coffee! Thus, keeping all your necessary ingredients like coffee powder/beans, sugar, tea leaves, and even masala or spice mix for the tea needs to be available all the time.

However, it can be pretty chaotic these basic ingredients are not organized well. Coconut’s cylindrical stainless steel containers (set of 4) can just be your perfect match if you are looking for containers to store these regularly used ingredients in a way that is efficient so that you can use them any time. 


  • Cylindrical and Air tight 
  • Highest grade stainless steel, matt finish, ingredient names inscribed on each container
  • Capacity: Sugar container-600ml, Coffee container-500ml, Tea container-400ml, Masala container-250ml 

2. Joie Air tight Container Jars

Eating your favorite snacks out of the packet directly can look pretty quirky sometimes but the problem comes in when you forget to reseal the packet and fail to preserve the rest of the snacks well. And now imagine your favorite snacks, but soggy!

So to save you the energy and to absolutely save your favorite snacks including the good old biscuits, toffees, fried snacks, nuts, cookies, etc, Joie Air tight container jars can be a total game-changer. These 900ml jars come in the set of 6 and look absolutely adorable to preserve significant amounts of your snacking needs.


  • BPA-free certified 100% food grade material, recyclable 
  • Easy to use, transparent with wide mouth, stackable 
  • Capacity: 900ml x 6

3. Star Work Glass Mason jar

Star Work Glass Mason jars are very good containers for absolutely anything and everything. Be it dry food like biscuits, cookies, Rice, Lentils, Tea leaves, etc to wet foods like pickles, loose jams, glass mason jars can handle anything.

These canister-type tall jars made from glass are completely air-tight and have a lot of space in them for storing things in bigger amounts. 


  • Pack of 2, Clear, made from thick glass
  • Canister type lid 
  • Capacity: 1500ml x 2 

4. HARISWARUP’s Plastic Airtight Container for Fridge

Storing food in a fridge is a tricky business because if it’s not stored in an appropriate way, the hideous ‘fridge stink’ seeps into the food. These HARISWARUP’s Airtight fridge containers are an absolute necessity if you regularly store food in the fridge.

From salads to curries, leftovers, sandwiches, and chutneys, these food containers can story anything. In addition, these tight containers can also be used as leakproof lunch boxes or food carrying containers. 


  • Silicon lid seal, air tight and leak-free
  • High quality, BPA-Free plastic, transparent
  • Capacity: 400ml x 6

5. 2MECH airtight plastic container jars

Out of all kinds of foods, the most inconvenient one to get out of their packing is cereals. Cereals are a regular ingredient when you cook in your kitchen regularly which is why it is logical to keep them in containers that are accessible at any time.

2mech airtight plastic container jars are the perfect match for the cereal storing needs. These dispenser-type jars can store all kinds of cereals like rice, lentils, etc. In addition, you can also store other dry foods like nuts, spices, and even biscuits in them. 


  • Transparent, see through 
  • Stackable and air tight 
  • Capacity: 1100ml x 6

6. Checkered plastic jar set 

If you need plastic jars for daily casual use, Solimo’s checkered plastic jars might just be the thing for you. These jars come in three different sizes as a set of 15 so that you can use them to store goods according to your required quantities. 


  • Textured (checkered), airtight, stackable 
  • 100% food grade, BPA free plastic 
  • Capacity: 1000ml x 5, 500ml x 5, 200ml x 5 

7. Glass jar set 

Sitovi’s transparent glass jars are uniquely shaped to look like an Indian pot/Matki that can be a great addition to your kitchen if you are looking for jars that are very useful but also pretty elegant looking.

These airtight glass jars come with black metal lids and are pretty good at blocking out microbes and insects while keeping the food inside fresh. 


  • Non toxic, BPA free, breakage resistant material
  • Doesn’t discolor, retain smells or leach chemicals into food
  • Capacity: 400ml x 6 

8. Two section jars

Not a big fan of a lot of containers being stacked on the self or don’t have enough space in your kitchen for it? The two-section space saver jars by TREMENDOUS can help you out.

The containers have two distinct sections where two different kinds of things can be stored simultaneously which in turn spares you the space for so many jars with so many different things stored. 


  • Unbreakable PET plastic 
  • Airtight, crystal clear transparent
  • Capacity: 2000ml x 3

9. Ceramic jars 

Pickles are a very big part of Indian cuisine no matter if you are in the Northern or Southern regions. Thus, pickles can always be found on any Indian dining table.

To spare you the trouble of taking a pickle out of a glass bottle and making it more accessible, Ceramic jars are essential. These Shivow ceramic jars are perfect to keep pickles on the table. 


  • Made in India, Handmade, chemical free
  • Freezer and microwave safe, durable
  • Capacity: 500ml x 2

10. Stackable plastic containers 

Doliva’s kitchen containers that come in different sizes are super stackable and can be used to store food in the freezer or otherwise. The different size of each container gives you the benefit of storing things in whatever quantity you please, while the airtight nature of these containers doesn’t let the stored content spill or absorb the fridge odor.

These containers are a must-have no matter how frequently you cook in your kitchen as these containers can store ingredients as well as fully cooked food. 


  • BPA free food grade thin plastic, odorless
  • Stackable, dishwasher safe, spill proof
  • Capacity: 150ml x1; 290ml x 1; 580ml x 1; 1700ml x 1; 2700ml x 1)

11. Dispenser jars 

Storing liquids in the kitchen needs to be proper as there is always a chance for liquids to get spilled because of the viscosity. Liquids like cooking oils, syrups, and honey should be stored in dispenser type jars so that the stored liquid is safe from spilling as well as easily accessible to be used easily.

Akoti’s dispenser jars made of very resilient and odorless borosilicate can be your best match if you are looking for containers to store liquid. These containers can also be used to keep dry ingredients like seasonings. 


  • The jars in the set come with basting brush, spoon and honey dipper.
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe, BPA and Lead free
  • Capacity: 300ml x 3 

Containers are one of the most essential things in any Indian kitchen. Different kinds of containers can be used very differently for the purpose of storing various kinds of things.

However, not all containers might be necessary for your kitchen which is why it is important to consciously understand your own storage needs and choose the best options that fulfill the exact requirement. 

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