12 Must-have Appliances for an Indian Kitchen

Setting up a kitchen from scratch can be hectic and overwhelming if you are doing it for the first time. Along with the basic essentials like a gas stove, refrigerator, etc, there are a lot of other appliances that are a must-have for any Indian kitchen. Such kitchen appliances don’t just make your kitchen look modern and fancy but also make your life easier as the kitchen work gets faster.

However, gone are the days when people used traditional tools and appliances for their kitchens and have hours-long cooking time. Modern kitchen appliances have made lives way easier and have helped people balance their kitchen time with their work and life. 

Pros of having modern appliances in your kitchen:

  • Less work to do.
  • Decreased time consumption.
  • More time to have a fulfilling life. 

So to avoid the overwhelm that setting up a kitchen may cause, here’s our ultimate list of 12 must-have kitchen appliances:

1. Oven/Microwave

Ovens and Microwaves are very good appliances if you have an interest in baking. However, not everyone is very well trained in baking to make those elaborate cakes, cookies, brownies, and other desserts. But still, then, Ovens are great for making savory baked dishes whereas microwaves are good for reheating food quickly and conveniently.

These come in handy for faster cooking and even preparing some less oil/no oil dishes that are essentially healthy. Some microwaves also come with in-built functions that make them work like an oven as well. 

2. Toaster

Toast is one of the most regular, popular, and convenient breakfasts. A toaster will truly be an aid towards making the hustling morning easier as making toasting bread manually can be very time-consuming and inconvenient in the morning.

Besides, toasters make the crunchiest and most perfect toasts that no one can say no to; be it with piping hot omelets or simply with butter or jam. 

3. Coffee Maker

If you love coffee or don’t talk to anyone in the morning until you’ve had your perfect cup of coffee, a coffee maker is essential for you. Be it freshly ground coffee or instant coffee, a coffee maker will lessen your work while providing you with enough of your perfect kind of coffee. 

4. Hand Blender

Blending is an elaborate process when done in a blender or a mixer grinder. However, there are certain dishes or even smoothies that are consumed regularly. So bringing the whole blender into the picture can be very difficult, inconvenient, and time-consuming. In such situations, Hand Blenders are pretty handy as they work in minimal effort and space. Be it eggs, Spinach, Dal, Dalia, or fruity smoothies, hand blenders can do it all.

Most hand blenders can pretty much handle both cold and hot ingredients and come with different blades for different works. The cleaning of the hand blender takes less time compared to the regular blender and the blending jars thus saving you ample time. 

5. Blender/Mixer Grinder

Blenders or more commonly, Mixer grinders are a very big part of any Indian kitchen. In an average Indian kitchen, there is a lot of need for blending curry bases, rice batters for dosas and idli, and even different kinds of legumes for fritters and even chutneys.

Thus a blender is an absolute necessity when it comes to kitchen appliances. Most blenders come with different sizes of jars and with various kinds of detachable blades for doing various jobs very effectively and are powerful enough to powder even the hardest of ingredients like whole spices.

6. Food Processor

Because of the popularity of blenders and hand blenders in average Indian kitchens, Food processors sometimes seem to take a backseat. But what most people need to understand is that Food processors are a very helpful and essential appliance. Having a food processor is like having an assistant in the kitchen.

Food processors can make dough for chappatis, parathas, pizzas, and even donuts. Usually, it also functions to chop various kinds of vegetables and save a lot of time and effort. Food processors can also effectively grate vegetables, slice them for salads and juicy fruits.

Most food processors are strong enough to also chop and grate harder ingredients like nuts, spices, and dried coconuts. Food processors can alone replace a lot of other appliances like a grater, dough makers, slicers, and even juicers. 

7. Kitchen Chimney 

Kitchen Chimney is an essential appliance when it comes to convenience and hygiene. Usually, the walls of the kitchen get really dirty because of oil and grease particles sticking to them which in turn attract more dust forming weird greasy soot. The walls need regular cleaning to get rid of all this filth which can be very effort and time-consuming.

But kitchen chimneys help in such cases as they suck all the cooking fuel and oil out and keep the walls clean. Kitchen Chimneys also suck away odor and dirt and save you from the involuntary sneezing that is caused by species and chilies. 

Earlier, cleaning the kitchen chimney was seen as a huge task; however, now there are chimneys with self-cleaning features sparing you the stress of cleaning. 

8. Juicer

Juices are an essential part of healthy lifestyles. Juices are convenient for consumption early in the day and thus are an essential thing that needs to be made quite frequently.

A juicer comes in handy if your kitchen sees a lot of frequent juicing on a day-to-day basis. Not just fruits, but juicers can juice up vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and spinach too. 

9. Air Fryer

Over the last decade, People have become very health conscious for good reasons. Changing lifestyles have led us to very little physical work which has restricted our fat consumption. Thus, deep-fried foods are a no-no as people want to keep their hearts healthy.

But essentially being Indians, it’s also almost impossible to actually say no to the crispy golden fritters and fries that only come from deep frying. An air fryer can be a very good appliance if you want to stay healthy while not compromising with your taste. Air fryers can simulate the exact texture and crunch of fried food with just one spoon of oil!

10. Coconut Scraper

When it comes to Indian kitchens, Coconuts are frequently used in food. Be it in desserts of the western parts of India or the savory main courses of the southern Indian fragment, Coconuts are a star ingredient. However, grating a coconut can be a painful business.

Although, an electric coconut scraper can be a very good option to help you out in the kitchen for those coconut jaggery laddoos, sweet fillings, and even fresh coconut chutney. The usual electronic coconut scrapers come with a motor and are capable of scraping a coconut in just 4-5 minutes sparing you a lot of time, effort, backaches, and accidental injuries. 

11. Manual/Electric Beater 

If you like baking and making those beautiful elaborate cakes, then a beater paired with an oven is absolutely necessary. From fluffy cream icings to sugary royal icings; buttercream to meringue and custard cream; cookie dough to cake batters there is nothing that a beater cannot beat.

Manual Beaters can be a little tiring as you have to constantly mix them by hand. However, electric beaters are fast, powerful, and convenient for making the perfect icings. Beaters are also very essential to beat eggs well to make the best and fluffiest omelets in absolutely no time. 

12. Induction Plate 

Induction cooktops have become very mainstream in the last decade as these are way more convenient and better than electric cooktops and even gas stoves. The cooking becomes faster with induction as the heat is directly transferred to the cookware and not the cooktop surface first making the whole process 50% faster.

Induction plates also have more options to control the heat and thus are very consistent and less likely to burn food. There are no flames while using an induction thus it is safer than the usual gas stoves and no burning of fuels makes it way more environmentally friendly.

The cleaning of the cooktop is also easier as the cooktop doesn’t get heated and it’s cool enough to be cleaned immediately after cooking.

Kitchens are a very important part of every household. Be it men, women, working people, or homemakers; preparing food in the kitchen takes up a large chunk of life from everyone. However, unlike in the old days, people do not have a lot of time. The fast-paced world demands time.

Thus, having modern kitchen appliances make the work easier while you juggle around working, resting, and maintaining a perfectly balanced nutritious diet that is equally delicious! 

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