21 Ideas to Decorate Indian Kitchen

Decorating or renovating a kitchen can be exciting, but many factors need to be taken into consideration. Kitchen designs are often influenced by culture, history, and cuisine.

Indian kitchen designs aren’t as much attention as other areas of the house. Despite the fact, that kitchens are one of the busiest areas of a typical Indian house. 

If you are planning on revamping or adding a little spice to your kitchen look this is the perfect article for you. In this article, we will cover 21 Ideas to Decorate Indian Kitchen. 

Let’s begin.

1. Marble that reflects

Marbles are great at creating illusion and adding a luxurious touch to a simple kitchen. They can go a long way in a small kitchen as they reflect light and make the kitchen look bigger. You can always opt for inexpensive options to create the same effect. 

2. Focus on natural light 

If you have windows in your kitchen, focus on making them bigger or wider, as they can make your kitchen look more spacious and airy. It will get rid of all the heat and make the kitchen look brighter during the day. You can also add a grid on the window to make it look more character. 

3. Make it more inviting

As mentioned above, a kitchen is the most under-looked part of an Indian household. But nailing the modern layouts with a hint of traditional touch can make a huge difference in the way a kitchen looks. Opting for a semi-open kitchen that stays connected with the rest of the house, makes it look more appealing and inviting. 

4. Scale down kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances like blenders, mixers, microwaves, electric kettles take up a lot of unnecessary space. These days modern kitchen appliances are becoming compact and versatile. You can easily opt for multifunctional kitchen appliances that will help you save space and make your kitchen island look crisp. 

5. Add a pop of bright color

Dull kitchen? Looks very industrial? A simple pop of yellow is the perfect option for a dull boring kitchen. It will instantly bring life into a dull kitchen and will make it look brighter. You can also opt for lemon green or baby blue as they will also add some dimension and character to your kitchen. It makes sure it is well-balanced with one solid and one bright color. E.g., sunflower yellow with a solid matte gray. 

6. Stick to solids

Adding colors to your kitchen can be overwhelming for many people, especially for people who love their solids. If you want a more sophisticated look for your kitchen, with no bright colors you can always go for the “choose three colors” trick. All you have to do is take 3 solid colors and work with them. E.g. a classic combination of white/ivory, black and brown. 

7. Stay minimal

If you are the type that enjoys a clean and minimal kitchen then a Scandinavian kitchen style is the ideal option for you. Scandinavian-inspired kitchen involves the layering of warm wood in the form of cabinetry and flooring with pale or ivory-colored walls with a dark color kitchen island. You can use the cabin space for hiding as many appliances as possible and the U-shaped kitchen gives it a more relaxed aura. 

8. Black and White

A black and white chequer kitchen is a contemporary take towards the boring old solid colors. This style looks extremely classic with an L-shaped kitchen as it combines the black and white cabinets with the black granite countertop. 

9. Go all white

An all-white kitchen is the best way to make any small kitchen look bigger and brighter. It reflects more natural light making it appear spacious and wide. It also keeps the kitchen cooler as it absorbs less heat and gives a cleaner look. The only drawback about this style is it requires spotlessness to make it look bright white. 

10. Let it flow 

It is highly recommended to create continuity for an open kitchen. If you want a seamless open kitchen then let it flow. Make it seem like a part of the living room by keeping the wallpaper or wall color the same throughout the living space and kitchen. This will make your kitchen bigger and more appealing. You can definitely add some artwork to add some dimension and structure. 

11. Keep it seamless

This is a tip that applies to every kitchen that is to keep things seamless. Adding a horizontal line to your walls and cabinet is a terrible idea for any kitchen. They cut things in half making them appear smaller or shorter. Make sure to keep seamless vertical lines to elongate that kitchen. 

12. Pleasing Pastel 

Pastel colors are a big trend lately, and they look extremely adorable. Sage green and apple green hue are some of the most eye-pleasing colors in the pastel pallet. I would highly recommend you to check some beautiful pastel colors as they are therapeutic for the eyes. 

13. Keep it elegant

Want an elegant kitchen? Keeping it simple and working with two light colors is probably the best option. You can add beautiful glossy or glass countertops with minimal appliances. Add a strip of metal to bring more character and a good finish. I would highly suggest you try a combination of warm wood and white. 

14. Lifesaver Cabinets 

Storage is one of the key components of any kitchen, especially the Indian kitchen. Indians love storing things, especially extra piles of grains, spices, and utensils. Cabinets are a lifesaver for us and building a good quality cabinet is essential. You can also try built-in cabinets for saving extra space and giving it a chic look. 

15. Glass fronted cupboard

Indian Style Interiors suggests bleeding neutral with vibrant shades/ lights. Accentuating a particular part of the kitchen with glass cupboards with built-in bright light adds spice to the kitchen. Adding beautiful china cutlery is the perfect way to give it an artistic look. 

16. Write your story

If you like DIY’s, this one is for you! Adding life experience, funny food quotes, and cute drawing is a fantastic way to lighten up the kitchen environment. They are a great conversation starter when you have friends or family over for lunch/dinner. 

17. Use extra space

If you are lucky to have a spacious kitchen then you must definitely try this style. Add a kitchen island to your kitchen. It increases counter space and works as an ideal prep space. Not only that it offers additional storage space for utensils or fancy glasses. 

18. Highlight with an accent wall 

An accent wall brings everything together and works as garnishing over a dish. An accent wall is a must-have in a kitchen as it highlights a small party of the kitchen making it more appealing to the eyes. You can create an enrapturing space in your kitchen by combining the accent wall with the glass-front cupboards. 

19. Lamps and vases 

You can use two tricks to balance out the lighting in your kitchen; firstly by adding small pendant lamps in your kitchen to enhance the beauty of your small kitchen and secondly by adding big ceiling lamps for tall kitchens to balance out the awkward space. 

20. Smaller sink

A small sink works beautifully for a small kitchen as it won’t occupy huge space and stop you from piling up dirty dishes. It also looks proportionally better compared to a big full-size sink. 

21. Mandir in the kitchen

Pahele pooja phir kaam dooja is an old Indian saying which basically means “First worship then work”. In India, a kitchen is the second most sacred place in the house. Combining the both is a beautiful way of expressing your love and respect towards food and God. 


So finally we are towards the end of this article. Hopefully, you find these ideas helpful and can vamp up your kitchen to the next level.

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