7 Best Quality Kitchen Knives for Indian Kitchens

A knife is one of the most important tools in a kitchen. We cannot imagine a kitchen without a set of sharp, beautifully curved knives. A perfect knife must have a comfortable grip, a good quality steel blade, and a firm structure.

Kitchen knives are supposed to be durable, easy to sharpen, and stylish. If you have been looking for some excellent quality knives, then this is the right article for you. 

Before we get started let’s go through a small buyer’s guide. 

1. Blade — A blade plays a very critical part in a knife. It must be sharp, made with high-quality stainless steel, must be rustproof, and durable. You can also look for carbon stainless steel knives as they are easy to clean and are environmentally friendly. 

2. Ergonomic design — A knife must be ergonomically designed to provide a balanced grip along with sturdiness. A good handle must not cause any hand cramps or discomfort. 

3. Knife Set — Look for knife sets as they can provide more knives and each knife can be used for a different purpose. You can also opt for a multiple-purpose knife if you’d not like to constantly switch knives while cooking. 

Now that we know all the key points for buying the right kitchen knives let’s get started with the list of 7 Best Kitchen Knives for Indian Kitchen. 

1. Victorinox Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

Victorinox is a well-known Swedish company. Originating from Switzerland, this company is one of the oldest knives companies in the world. They have been producing high-quality Swiss knives since 1897. It has a 4.6 rating on Amazon and is highly praised for its comfort and durability. 


  • Blades — The blades are made with 136L surgical grade and with high-quality stainless steel. It is also rustproof making it extremely durable and safe to use. Not only that it can also retain its sharpness for a long period. 
  • Sharpness — Cutting edge means that the knives are sharp like razors and provide a soft cut on fruits and vegetables. 
  • Grip — The design of the polypropylene handle fits perfectly with the sharp blade. The is designed to fit beautifully in the curve of your palm and the rough texture allows a better grip without any slip and slide. 
  • Components — This set offers 3 Swiss knives. It has a round-tipped knife, a beveled tipped straight knife, and a beveled tipped serrated knife. 
  • Functions of the knives — The round-tipped knife is ideal for slicing vegetables, soft fruits, paneer, cheese, etc. It can also cut crispy things like bread and is perfect as a spreading knife. While on the other hand, the beveled tipped straight knife will help you remove the seeds easily and the beveled tipped serrated knife is an essential tool for fine chopping. 
  • Colors — They are available in multiple colors like red, yellow, black, green, orange, and pink. 
  • It had wonderful customer reviews and is a popular brand in this category. 

2. Pigeon by Stovekraft Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

We are all familiar with this brand, it is a well-respected brand in India. Pigeon by Stovekraft is an Indian brand founded in 1999 and manufactures multiple kitchen appliances. Their knives are perfect for people who are looking for good quality knives on a budget. 


  • Ergonomic design — The soft contoured handle allows the user to have a stress-free cutting experience. It provides an ergonomic grip on the knife and better control.
  • Blades — The stainless steel blades are rustproof and can easily chop hard vegetables and fruits. It has razor-sharp blades that are highly durable and easy to sharpen. 
  • Hollow Ground Edge knife — A hollow ground is a grind for knives’ blades. It allows the knife to cut smoothly through properties and gives more flexibility compared to any other grind. 
  • Package components — The package consists of 3 blades. A 1-Piece chef knife (8inch), a 1-Piece utility knife (5inch), and a 1-Piece paring knife (3.5inches). 
  • This is ideal for people, who have just started cooking or are learning to work with different knives. This is the perfect basic knife set and is pretty affordable. 

3. TIMESOON Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

This is a great combination of 5 multi-purpose kitchen knives, a pair of scissors, and a chopping board. This is the ultimate kitchen utility set and is inexpensive. 


  • Chopping Board — The chopping board is made up of high-quality wood. The board makes a huge difference while cooking and makes everything convenient. You can cut vegetables, fruits, fish, and even meat on this board. 
  • Ergonomic design — Is designed to comfortably sit in your palm without causing a strain on your fingers or wrist. 
  • Sharpness — It is an excellent blade with high-quality serrations in the knives. This ensures razor quality sharpness for chopping, cutting, slicing, etc. 
  • Package components — This set comes with 4 different knives including a butcher’s knife. It also consists of a pair of scissors and a chopping board. 
  • They are all multi-purpose kitchen knives and have good Amazon reviews. Customers highly applaud it for its comfort grip and sharpness. 

4. AGARO Royal 6 Pcs Kitchen Knife

This is one of the most expensive knives set on our list. It has a 4.4 rating, making it one of the most highly rated knife sets on Amazon.  AGARO provides premium quality carbon stainless knives. They look extremely classy and are razor sharp. 


  • Blades — These knives are made with high-quality carbon stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness and durability. It has precise razor-sharp edges that provide smooth cut time and again. 
  • Ergonomically designed — The handle of the knife is made with high-quality polypropylene that provides a non-slip grip. This ensures better control over the knife while chopping and slicing. 
  • Easy to clean — The non-stick black color-coated blade makes the cleaning process smooth and hassle-free. 
  • Package Components — This set consists of 1 chief knife (8inch), 1 slicing knife (8inch), 1 bread knife (8inch), a Utility knife (6inch), a santoku knife (7inch), and a butter knife (4.5inch). 
  • Style — It is available in slick black carbon blades. 
  • These knives will add a luxurious touch to your kitchen and will make you feel like a professional chef. 

5. Kai Gift Box Hocho Premium Santoku Knife

Kia brings over 800 years old Japanese legacy of beautifully forged knives to the kitchens in India. It also has good customer reviews with a low return rate. 


  • Design — The knife is designed to flawlessly cut through any kind of vegetable/meat. The blade and handle of the knife allows the user to cut through the vegetable/meat from top to bottom in one single slice without putting too much pressure on the wrist. 
  • Ergonomic Handle — The handle is made up of a nylon resin that is comfortable to hold in the palm and is sturdy. It allows the user to cut through things without straining the fingers or the wrist. 
  • Blade — The blade is designed to give a refined finish to the sliced vegetables/meats. It has a razor-sharp blade for accurate cutting and dicing. 
  • Japanese style — The blade of this knife is specifically designed using the traditional Japanese style method infused with modern-day carbon steel. This makes the blade highly durable and strong. Furthermore, it is also rustproof and has a resident-quality edge.
  • Precision — Santoku Knives are ideal for cutting, slicing, and mincing, as they have a straight edge with narrow sheep’s foot. Such knives are used for precised cutting or slicing of fruits and vegetables. Not only that, but it is also capable of paring skins very finely. 
  • I would highly suggest you check this knife as it is one of the finest products on our list. 

6. TOUARETAILS Premium 7 inch Stainless Steel Meat Knife 

If you are looking for a butcher’s knife then you must try the TOUARETAILS Premium 7 inch Stainless Steel Meat Knife. Cutting meat is a difficult task and takes a lot of strength and energy. If you have a blunt knife then it makes the job even harder but with a butcher’s knife it’s like cutting butter. A butcher’s knife is ideal for chopping and slicing meat. 


  • Professional Chef features — It is made with high-quality stainless steel, is rustproof, easy to cut, and is highly durable. This knife can be used as a multi-purpose knife, and you don’t have to keep switching knives while cooking. 
  • Blade — The blade is a high carbon stainless blade which is a rust-resistant material. The razor-sharp meat cleaver cuts cleaner and faster compared to usual knives. The knife is sharp to cut through delicate vegetables without squishing or damaging the soft skin of the vegetables. It is also strong enough to easily cut through thick chunks of meat. 
  • Ergonomic design — The handle is designed to provide a firm grip on the knife. It gives you a balanced feeling while holding it without causing any fatigue, discomfort, or hand cramping. 
  • Package components — The package consists of a single Chinese butcher’s knife. 
  • This knife will enhance your kitchen experience and will make cutting/slicing fun. 

7. Praveer mart Knife Set and Scissor

Praveer Mart knife set is one of the best combinations available on Amazon. This set consists of 4 knives, a pair of scissors, and a cutting board. 


  • Ergonomic design — Ergonomically designed for the perfect grip along with the sturdy moment. Long-lasting good quality body for day-to-day use without any fuss. 
  • Blade — High definition serrations on the edge of the blade for detailed and precise cuts. The knife is made up of stainless steel offering durability, sharpness and making daily cutting tasks effortless. 
  • Knife sharpener –  This also comes with a knife sharpener, making the set even more useful and special. With the help of this sharpener, you can sharpen your knife anytime, anywhere without any difficulties. 
  • This is a good kit for beginners as it consists of a variety of knives and tools. It also has good Amazon reviews and is definitely worth checking. 


We have finally finished our long list of 7 Best quality kitchen knives for Indian Kitchens. I hope you guys find this article helpful and can find the perfect knife/knives for your magical kitchen.

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