Advantages and Disadvantages of Roti Maker

Roti makers are undoubtedly a boon to a modern Indian kitchen. But before buying it you might have some concerns. So we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of Roti maker to clear all your doubts.

Advantages of Roti Maker

Advantages of roti maker

Roti Maker saves your time, effort, and money. There’s hardly any difference between Roti Maker-made chapatti and homemade chapatti or Roti for obvious reasons, so let’s face it. The benefits of using a good-quality Roti Maker are numerous.

Rotis are more Delicious

Believe it or not, Rotis or chapattis (flatbreads) made in modern Roti Makers are way more delicious than those cooked using a traditional tava. There is a reason for that. The idea is that every roti cooked in a Roti maker, takes equal time and equally-distributed amount of heat, and that’s why they are more delicious than ever before.

Health benefits of eating Roti or Chapatti made through Roti Maker

Since most Asian countries depend on Roti rather than bread contrary to European countries, so it is essential to make sure how healthy your Roti is. This is because your good or bad health mostly counts on the condition of the Roti and the way it is baked or cooked.

The main benefit of using a roti maker is that you get high-quality and well-baked Roti. An equal amount of heat and time to all sides of a roti keep the nutritious properties intact. Well-cooked rotis are comparatively more digestive and have high nutrition. A well-balanced, well-baked & equally heated Roti can keep your heart healthy as it will not lose high-fiber. Unlike handmade Roti, which is never evenly cooked from all sides.

Value for investment

To get the best value for your investment in Roti Maker, you have to make sure that you are going to buy a branded Roti Maker. While searching for one, you may come across a generic Roti Maker at unbelievably cheap rates. If you are deceived and convinced to buy inexpensive roti maker, trust me, you will have to regret your decision sooner than your expectations. So better be safe than sorry.


Well, cooking rotis every day consumes most of your gas usage. You can save a lot of money by switching your cooking method from gas to electricity. All the modern roti makers work on power, which makes them more cost-efficient.


The technique of making Rotis, chapattis, or flatbreads on traditional Tava needs you a lot of practice. It may take you weeks, months, and even years in learning the art of making delicious, equally-cooked, and perfectly round rotis. If you are sick of burnt and undercooked rotis, you are strongly advised to buy a Roti Maker & see the difference for yourself.

Easy to use

One of the significant advantages of using Roti Maker is that anybody, regardless of age and gender, can make use of the machine hassle freely without a struggle to get incredibly soft rotis or chapattis. Well, we have a detailed article on how easy it is to use a Roti Maker.

Compared to this latest tech-based Roti Makers, making a round-shaped Roti using Tava can be a struggle and sometimes a very frustrating experience, especially for a newbie.

In the final analysis, Roti Maker Chapatti is more beneficial than handmade Roti for apparent reasons.

Disadvantages of Roti Maker

Disadvantages of roti maker

Every product has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But it was tough to find disadvantages to such a useful machine.

Buying a Low-Quality Roti maker can be dangerous

Never buy a low-quality roti maker from an untrusted source. They might make good quality rotis, but they are not safe to use. Few cheap Roti makers don’t have proper heat-resistant handles to protect you from burning. They don’t eve shock-proof protection.

Need to be a little more careful while cleaning

Compared to the traditional round wooden board and the rolling pin, an electrical Roti Maker can be a bit hard to clean. Being frank, it’s not that difficult, but still, I had to mention this. I have made a detailed guide on how to clean Roti Makers. You can refer to it for more details.

Roti Maker is not an ideal machine for commercial use

Take a look at some restaurant where an expert roti veteran makes back to back rotis within the twinkling of an eye. Roti makers for home are perfect for saving time, energy, and gas. But commercial roti makers are costly and could take a lot of space. If you are a startup restaurant, then Commercial Roti maker is not an option for you.

Thus, Roti Maker is expensive rather than being an ideal machine to be used commercially.


If you ask me whether or not you should buy a roti maker? Then I would suggest YES, go ahead. I have been using a Roti maker for over five years now, and it has become a significant part of my daily meal-making process. It is highly recommended to purchase a branded roti maker from a trusted source. I would suggest buying one from Amazon India as it is highly trusted, and you can return/exchange if you have any issues. You can refer to Top 10 best Roti makers in India in 2019 and how to select the best one. If you have any doubts or have any advantages or disadvantages of roti maker, then comment down below.

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