How to Arrange a Small Indian Kitchen: 20 Genius Ideas

Maintaining a tidy kitchen is quite difficult, especially if you are working in a small space. Not everyone has the privilege of having a spacious kitchen and wonderful pantry space.

Most Indian kitchens are small-medium size and keeping up with the cleanliness can be a hassle. If you are thinking about reorganizing or renovating your kitchen then this article is for you. 

In this article, we will learn to manage space and balance our kitchen with simple tricks and tips. So let’s get started with How to Arrange a Small Indian Kitchen: 20 Genius Ideas.

1. Begin with a clean slate 

If you want to organize your kitchen, the first step would be to clean the whole kitchen by emptying all the cabinets and shelves. This is a great start for a beautiful and clean ending. Start discarding unnecessary things is key towards an organized kitchen. 

2. Make the most out of your drawers

Having a smaller kitchen makes it even more essential to use every inch of the space that is available. The more you try to incorporate mini cabinets, the better it would be to utilize the otherwise wasted space in the kitchen. This would help store stuff in a precise manner.

3. Create a separate zone for various utilities

Most of our kitchens are filled with so many items, and while working, it gets messed up seeing all of them cluttered in one single space. So it’s very important to have a separate zone for each category of items you have in your kitchen, making it convenient to use.

4. Free up space in your kitchen

We often have so many similar items in our kitchen, which we do not use daily. For example, You might have a mug set gifted by one of your close friends, but do you even use it. Have you stored enough crockery to serve the entire cricket team yet have only three members in your family?

All these items aren’t used daily but occupy a large amount of space in your kitchen. If you have such pieces of stuff that you aren’t using daily, you can pack them in a carton box and store them separately, when required, bring them back to use.

5. Add color to your kitchen

Paint your cabinets and shelves with your favorite color or maybe something bright would add up to the pleasing experience. You could even try adding some colorful items to your kitchen space, making it even more beautiful.

6. Have proper amount of light

It is important to keep your kitchen lighting in a way that makes you feel good to work in. Lighting has to be functional enough for you to do your work properly.

While that is taken care of, you can even use it creatively to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Various options are available to brighten up your kitchen in a very beautiful manner. 

7. Use open storage space

Open cabinets are easily accessible while cooking. You can see where things are kept and conveniently use them. If you can manage to keep things systematically, this type of storage is a go-to thing for you. 

8. Keep utensils handy

Make sure you keep your most-used utensils in a place where it is easily accessible to anyone. That way, the time to search for them will be saved, making it convenient for you to do more important work.

9. Incorporate hanging or portable racks

Having a small space makes it even more important to use portable racks for storing items, to avoid clutter in your kitchen. Various options are available where you can hang glasses and cutlery which is even easily accessible.

10. Have good ventilation

Ventilation is an important part of a kitchen to be well-functional. Having a window is essential to avoid a claustrophobic environment. You could even use an exhaust fan, kitchen fan, or a mini table fan to make yourself comfortable while cooking.

11. Must have a chimney

A good chimney is a must for every kitchen household. It not only keeps your kitchen free of oil fumes but also refreshes the air faster. You can choose the same, as per your requirement, from various options available in the market.

12. Clean Counter space

Keeping your counter space clean helps in a lot of different ways. You can carry on with cooking food without any hassle. It even adds to having a healthy environment since it’s one of the most visited spaces in your house.

13. Double the cabinet space

If you have a lot of free vertical space in your cabinets, you can double the storage by adding more tiers to them. This is an effective method for increasing storage space and using every nook and cranny. 

14. Use clear canisters 

Have you ever struggled with finding ingredients in your cabinet? Clutter is your main enemy in a small kitchen. It is so easy to fill up the small empty spaces with useless or impractical objects.

Using clean containers/canisters is an ideal way to store daily cooking ingredients. Not only that but, they also look aesthetically pleasing. 

15. Use the first in first out rule

Organizing a pantry can be quite exhausting and overwhelming for many folks. Give your pantry a supermarket look by using the “first in first out rule”. Keep all the new boxes and containers in the back and the old ones in the front.

This will not only keep your pantry organized but will also avoid food wastage. 

16. Organize your refrigerator

The refrigerator is the 2nd most important part of a kitchen. It keeps your food fresh and ready to use. Organizing this part of your kitchen will help you move faster in your day-to-day cooking.

Firstly organize food by the required temperature and then start placing the old ingredients ahead and the newer ones behind. The door shelves are the warmest part of a refrigerator, hence reserve them for water, condiments, and sauces. 

17. Use dividers

Dividers are a great way to keep your drawers neat and tidy. Rather than letting your drawer turn into a junkyard, use plastic dividers to organize your drawer. You can use them for storing random things like rubber bands, pens, sticky notes and so much more. 

18. Use inside of your cabinet doors 

This is another method of storing your most-used utensils. This is similar to the hanging the spoon’s technique, but this method gives it a more seamless look. If you aren’t a big fan of displaying your spoons and measuring cups, you can definitely try this method.

Hang your spoons, measuring cups, strainers, etc. on the back of the cabinet door, instead of jam-packing them in an already filled drawer. 

19. Use a sponge holder

This will be a useful addition to your kitchen. Buy or build a small sponge holder for all your cleaning sponges. This technique will get rid of the excess moisture from the sponge as well as air-dry it faster. 

20. Keep everything in place 

Assigning everything in a particular space is a key to maintaining an organized kitchen. Building a habit to instantly keep things back to where they belong is an effective method to constantly maintain a clean and clutter-free environment.


Now that we’ve covered all the tips and tricks for organizing and maintaining a clean kitchen, it’s time to incorporate some of these ideas into your kitchen. Hopefully, you find this article helpful and use these ideas to organize your lovely kitchen.

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