10 Best Roti makers in India

For me, the roti maker came like a boon in my life. With the help of a roti maker now, I can make rotis for my entire family in a short period. But with so many options in the market, it’s challenging to select the right one for you. Therefore, we bring you a list of best Roti Makers in India that can provide you tasty, circular rotis without any hazel.

There are many Roti makers available in the market. Before buying a roti maker, you must know all the pros and cons of it. You must be aware of all its features. We have covered each and everything that you need to know before buying a Roti Maker. And this is the table of content of this post:

Top 10 Roti Makers in India

So we have listed Ten Best roti makers which you can buy from Amazon.in.

1. Prestige 3.0 Roti Maker

Prestige Best Roti makers in India

In our list, Prestige Roti Maker stands at the top. It keeps every essential feature that a good roti maker should have. It has many amazing features such as power indicator, adjustable temperature knob, sensor, shockproof body, non-stick pans, and aluminum made bod. The easy to use, non-sticky base to clean it after every use helps to form healthy roti with an affordable price range.

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2. Bajaj Vacco Chapatti, Roti Maker

Bajaj Vacco Chapatti, Roti Maker


Bajaj is the 2nd best brand that needs no introduction as it the leading name in the home appliances. This product comes with temperature control and a heating sensor that turn off the machine when not in used. As smart technology, it has non-stick pans that help to make oil free Chapattis and parathas.

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3. Sunflame Roti Maker

Sunflame Roti Maker

Sunflame is another leading name in the home-based appliances. The machine is made up of steel for better durability. Like every good brand, it’s non-stick plates offer oil free cooking. It keeps accessible lifts handle and power indicators that are essential for a roti maker. If you are a fitness freak and do follow the diet regularly like eating eggs, omelet, and chapatti, then this product is suitable for you.

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4. Maharaja Whiteline Roti Maker

Maharaja Whiteline Roti Maker

Maharaja Whiteline is a leading name in the market. It operates at 900 watts, which helps to reduce energy consumption. It has a non-stick base and convenient handle technology. You can also make Parathas with it. The best feature of this product is a thermal fuse that operates automatically. Heat Sensor switches off the power after reaching the right temperature.

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5. Athena Libra Roti Maker

Athena Libra Roti Maker

Athena Libra is a newly launched product and is available at an affordable price and totally deserves to be on the list of 10 best Roti Makers in India. It has a sleek and compact body design giving it a modern look. One can expect to get perfectly circular and soft roti from this product. It has a non-sticky pan made up of stainless steel. Heat indicators are the other top-rated features of the product. Due to affordable price, it is the best-suited roti maker for bachelors who are looking for durable roti maker on a budget.

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6. Baltra Roti Maker

Baltra BTR-201 900-Watt Magicook Rotimaker

Baltra is also a well-known roti maker. The elegant silver color model makes a likable product. This roti maker will surely add more beauty to your kitchen. It is a top-listed brand in India. Non-sticky base, heating sensor, indicator light with automatically on-off power button are few of its features.

The indicator helps the user in keeping a check on the roti and tortillas at all points. The red shows the power while the green gladly indicates when the roti or the tortilla is ready to eat.

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7. Jaipan JDRM-901 1000-Watt Jumbo Roti Maker 

Jaipan Roti Maker

Jaipan JDRM-901 is not just a roti maker. You can use it to make multiple types of bread. Besides just making Roties, this roti maker is capable of making papads, paper dosas, and pancakes with ease. The non-stick pan of this brand is easy to clean. It is made up of Stainless steel, making it durable. The body of this product is shockproof. Amazing qualities at an affordable price makes this product a perfect choice. 

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8. ChefPro Roti Makers

ChefPro Roti Makers

It is a 950 Watts Roti Makers that offers you excellent performance and a stunning look. It is shockproof and has a non-stick coating on plates. You can even control the temperature with a dial in the middle. The shock-proof body is the most buyable quality of this product.

This automatic Roti Maker has a high-quality stainless-steel body that assists in maintaining the performance of the product and its ability to cook fine rotis and tortillas for years.

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9. Zaisch Roti Maker

Zaisch is a great looking roti Maker that comes in various colors. It can add more stars to your beautiful kitchen. It has a detachable handle that adds more ease to control the machine. Aluminum shock-Proof Body makes it durable. It also has thermostat temperature control. The non-stick base is the ad-on to its features. 

10. Eagle Roti Maker

Eagle Electric Roti Maker

This Roti maker has an aluminum-base, which makes it light and shockproof. It has a tremendous non-sticky element and a stainless steel coating, which makes it comparatively more durable. It also has a sleek design with a temperature control sensor and automatic on-off feature, which could save electricity. 

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If you are looking for a more affordable option then you can check out the best roti makers under Rs. 2000.

Things to consider before buying a Roti Maker

Before you buy a roti maker, you should look for a company with proper assistance and customer service. You should choose a famous and reliable roti maker brand.

Tawa of Roti Maker

Make sure that the tawa of the roti makes has an aluminum base. The aluminum base makes the base non-sticky. It also does a great job of distributing heat evenly. You can get a roti maker with different tawa sizes, so choose one which suits you the best.

LED Indicator

Your roti maker must have an LED indicator to let you know when is your roti maker ready to cook. Not every roti maker brand has this feature. Indicator lights help you to avoid overheating of the machine. So, you must consider this feature when buying.

Heat resistant handles

Your roti maker must have heat resistant handles. Usually, all modern roti makers have this feature, but still, its always good to check.

Shockproof Body

Your roti maker must have a shockproof body because it protects you from electrical leakage. There’s rarely an electric leakage, but precaution is always better than care. So always go with the shockproof body. 

Energy usage

The energy consumption of a roti maker depends on the size of tawa and the material used in the roti maker. The cost of electricity for the Roti maker is more feasible than the price of gas. But if we can cut down more, then why not. You can go for a roti maker with higher stars to save on electric costs. 

How does a Roti Maker work?

Best Roti makers in India

There are two types of Roti Makers available:

  • Electronic Roti Makers help you to shape Rotis and produce the best rotis within just 30 seconds. Electrical Roti Makers works on two simple principles, i.e., pressure and heat. You put the dry dough in the maker and close the lid. High temperature and pressure turn the dough into a soft and perfectly round roti. 
  • Non-electric Roti Makers do not cook rotis. They help you shape them. So you need to cook it manually on the stove. All you have to do is put the piece of dough in this roti maker and press it down. With the help of pressure, it will make the dough round, and then you can cook it on the stove. 

Why do you need a Roti Maker in your house?

Indian women spend most of their time in the kitchen, making delicious rotis. But in this modern world where everything is automatic, it is time to give women some rest. That is why you need a roti maker to lessen your mother’s workload. Even you can help her with making rotis. 

Roti makers allow you to fulfill your food cravings by yourself. You can now make perfectly circular and soft roti by yourself with the help of a roti maker. 

And another main reason is that women experience pain in their bones because of extensive workload. They ignore their pain due to the heavy workload of the kitchen. So a roti maker can make it easy and could save a lot of time. It can quickly turn dry dough into soft flat rotis within a minute.

To make a round soft roti, all you need to do is put the dough in the roti maker, close the lid, and press start. 

How to make perfect dough for Roti Maker?

Best Roti makers in India

To make perfect rotis with the roti maker, you should know how to make the perfect dough. So I have made this little guide to give you an idea of how to prepare dough for your roti maker.

Make the dough a little sticker

The dough (boonda hua atta) should be soft and has to be different from the dough that is used for regular rotis. This dough needs to be stickier than the regular batter.

Prefer Fresh Dough

It’s not necessary, but still, one thing you can do to get the best results is making fresh dough rather than using yesterday’s batter.  

Let the dough rest

Always let your dough rest to catch the perfect moisture. Try to prepare the dough 45-50 minutes before cooking. It will make your rotis softer and give it a little sweetness. 

Use a little oil and salt

Mixing a tiny amount of salt and oil in the dough will make the rotis softer. Adding oil will also keep your dough fresh. Make sure to add only a few drops of oil while preparing dough balls. 

Follow these steps, and you will get to eat delicious rotis made from your roti maker.

Well, in this modern age where there is a machine to do everything, there is a machine that makes Dough too.

What are the advantages of Best Roti makers in India?

How to Clean Roti Maker Regularly

There are quite a few advantages of having a roti maker by your side. If you buy one of the 10 best Roti Makers in India then you will definitely enjoy all the following advantages. Let’s see a few of them.

  • Cook Parathas as well: Modern Roti makers can make yummy parathas too. Not all but most of the roti makers have a setting that allows you to set custom temperature, which is perfect for parathas.
  • Roti maker is not just the roti maker any more: Well, roti makers can make quite a few things, though. Besides roti, you can make papads, paper dosas, and pancakes too on a roti maker.
  • Easy for Newbies: Most people, especially bachelors, do not know how to make rotis, which makes them depended on their mom or Rasoi Ghar(hotels). You can prepare your meals without any trouble. Roti maker makes it easy to cook rotis.
  • Healthy: Using roti makers ensures the prevention of germs and bacterias, which is difficult to achieve when using hands. Make sure to clean your roti maker regularly. You can check out this guide for keeping your roti maker clean and germ-free.
  • Time-saving: This is the fact that machines are capable of doing tasks correctly and at a faster pace. Roti makers can make rotis more conveniently and at a quicker pace. It will save a lot of your time.
  • More Convenient: Put a piece of dough on the roti maker’s pan, close the lid, click on the start button, and bam, your roti is prepared. How convenient is that?
  • Very simple: If you are new to cooking, then making roti could be a tough task. But with the help of roti makers, it is not that complex even if you are new. You can put dough and press button, and you have around well-cooked roti.

Should you buy Roti Makers online?

As you know, this is a modern era, and you can buy almost everything online. I would say purchasing a roti maker online from a trusted website like amazon makes more sense. Amazon makes sure that the product you receive is of the original brand and not a dummy. And most importantly, if the product you receive is not damaged, which is rare, then you can always return it.

Purchasing online can get you more options to select. And I am pretty sure you can bang a better discount online than from a shop. 


In this modern era, where everything is prepared to be automatic, a roti maker is a perfect appliance for your kitchen, which can save a lot of your time. Roti makers make your life simpler. I hope my list of Best Roti makers in India helps you to select the right roti maker for your household. If you have any doubts, feel free to comment down below, and I will try my best to clear it out. 

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