Is the Roti Maker Successful and Why?

Regardless of whether the lady is working or not, the Indian convention has always been such that she has to make hot, soft, and fresh chapattis for dinner. More money, changing outlooks, and a desire to live outside the ‘kitchen’ are changing the way homemakers perceive themselves. Smart kitchens with fancy, easy to use appliances are booming these days. One specific kitchen appliance which has been in trend for quite some time is Roti Maker. Roti maker machines can make rotis quite quickly, cutting down the time in half. So let’s find out whether or not a Roti maker is successful?

Is the Roti Maker Successful and Why?

Economizing on both Time and Effort

The modern mantra for all Indian kitchens – ‘Let’s cut down on unnecessary effort and time but not on quality and quantity!’ Making chapatis for an entire family is practically an hour-long process. The effort can easily get wasted if one step goes wrong. Everything, from the amount of water, oil, energy, and technique, makes the chapatti.

When innovators introduced the dough maker and the roti maker, they changed everything in the modern Indian kitchen. Faster, quicker, and better rotis are the current fad. Educators, homemakers, mothers, and professionals needn’t worry about making the traditional roti anymore. They can economize on the time and effort without compromising on the quality and quantity of rotis.

Advantages of using a roti maker

Cuts down on effort and saves time

Chapatti making involves multiple steps. Everything from rolling the dough balls round to cooking the rotis is time-consuming. A Roti Maker, on the other hand, quickens this process.

Less Messy

Chapatti making is a messy affair. There is flour all over the place, hands, hair, face, and on the kitchen counter while making rotis. Using a roti maker is more convenient and less messy.

Ease of use

Roti maker is not at all complicated. Even your kid can make rotis with it. All you need to do is place the dough balls on the roti maker’s plate, bring down the upper lid, wait for 30 seconds, and voila! We have round soft rotis in no time. You can go through this detailed guide of how to make rotis in the roti maker.

Easy to maintain

Roti maker can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth. Maintenance and storage are effortless. Most machines come with simple guides that have clear directions on how to keep them clean.


Turning out round rotis on a chakla belan is an art. You have to keep regulating the fire intensity of the gas stove while making rotis. If the tawa is too hot, it can burn the roti. If the tawa is not at the right temperature, the roti remains uncooked. The appliance ensures that you don’t have to go through all that stress. Roti maker helps keep the legacy of ‘chakla belan’ alive without zero effort.

Disadvantages of Roti Maker

There are no such disadvantages of roti maker unless and until you purchase a roti maker of a reputed brand and from a trusted source. If you decide to buy a duplicated and cheap roti maker then you will definitely face problems. Cheap roti makers won’t last longer, rather invest in a good, branded Roti maker. A few of the well-known brands are Prestige and Bajaj. You can refer to Best roti maker brands and their best Roti Makers.

Is the Roti maker Successful, and why?

Yes, of course, the roti maker is very successful. It is an appliance that caters to a set of essential needs. In the Indian context, a meal without traditional flatbreads is an absolute no. Making rotis can take an enormous amount of time and energy. Roti maker has brought about a positive change in Indian kitchens. Roti makers, on the other hand, run on electricity. Women burn their hands while making chapattis the traditional way. The roti maker is designed for ease, safety, and comfort. It appeals to the modern Indian woman. The advantages of using one are one too many.

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